About Us

Centralized Sales and Higher Revenue

Four Square Anywhere was developed by RV industry pioneer, Dan Gamel.  In the early 2000’s Dan owned seven RV sales centers in the western U.S. He realized there was a disconnect between corporate sales strategy and directives and the actual processes taking place in his sales centers.  Together with the help of his best Desk Managers, Gamel set out to create software that would enable a central location to receive and approve all offers and sales.  With that first edition of his software, front and back-end revenue skyrocketed and sales turns increased across all locations.

Four Square Anywhere Is A Reality

Gamel sold his RV Centers in 2005 and pursued other business interests.  In 2008 he was forced out of retirement and back to the helm of the company.   Caught between the worst down market in the U.S. economy in decades and a desire to retire, Dan decided to liquidate his RV Sales Centers.   By this time the software had been integrated to his website and buyers could submit their own offers directly to the Central Desk.   While the idea of an interactive website was new and somewhat odd to many shoppers at that time, the process was effective and efficient for both Gamel and buyers.  In less than a year,  2,000 RVs were sold using Four Square Anywhere (then called Project 4 by the Gamel team). The success of the system inspired Dan to further develop Four Square Anywhere for use by automotive and RV dealers everywhere.

Today, buyers are well more advanced and highly comfortable with Internet sales for everything from tee-shirts to Teslas.  While some DMV processes must still, for now, be done face to face, Four Square Anywhere is the only software that enables vehicle buyers to take control of the buying process, negotiate a price in real-time directly with the Desk Manager, and finalize the deal without spending a day at the dealership.

Each member of the Vision team is experienced in the auto industry, including dealership sales and operations.