Real-Time Interaction

Buyers write their own deal based on your asking price, value their trade with industry guides, and add your financing or after-market options.  You negotiate online in real-time and secure the sale then and there.

Mobile Connectivity

With our mobile app, sales teams stays connected wherever they are, without leaving your customer. Even on test drives, they can submit the offer and have a done deal before the test drive has ended.  Get the FSA App.

Offsite Show Stopper

Don't lose deals at shows because of too few salespeople or a back-up in finance. Four Square Anywhere gives buyers and sales staff instant access to your Desk for quick, interactive deals.  Request A Demo to see how it works.

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Good Advice From Bezos and Murdoch

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I was reading a blog post today from Beaconstac about ways to effectively use beacons to track and and feed promotions to customers. If I didn’t

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