Good Advice From Bezos and Murdoch

I was reading a blog post today from Beaconstac about ways to effectively use beacons to track and and feed promotions to customers. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that writer Sneh Ratna was writing about my own passionate view of changes here, and still forthcoming, not only in retail, but the auto industry in particular. In her September 20th blog she wrote, “Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos said, ‘Online shopping isn’t popular with consumers just because their prices are low. The whole experience of buying things online is more efficient and quicker’.”  This is good advice from Bezos and Murdoch that every dealer should latch on to and emulate.

The process of buying online is more efficient and quicker.

Even though you may have to wait a day or a week for your purchase to arrive, at least the purchase is over and your mind can wander to other things, like that new car or RV that you’ve been thinking about. Sneh continued, saying that (retail) stores that have been able to emulate the experience and ease that comes with online shopping are thriving, while others (who haven’t bought in) are struggling to catch up.

While the vehicle sales industry holds a huge online presence, sadly the purchase process remains old school. Twenty years ago, Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers accepted that buying a vehicle from a dealer meant spending the better part of a full day at the dealership, haggling over the price, then waiting for paperwork. Since the Millennials became car buyers, things have started to shift. The old school process doesn’t make sense to this group, and it’s totally foreign to Gen Z shoppers who are now moving into the market. While they can’t wait for the experience to drive a new car off the lot, they have no interest in spending valuable time haggling and doing paperwork. Just give ’em the price and let ’em move on down the road. Which brings us to another powerful point about the future of automotive sales, but we’ll discuss that another time.  For now, consider what Rupert Murdoch recently said about retail:

“What they need is to get a hang of the trends and technology that can catapult them to the top.”

Four Square Anywhere is the solution that provides automotive shoppers with the quick and easy online buying process that they want, while enabling dealers to hold higher grosses and generate more F&I revenue. It’s a win-win for shoppers and those dealers who are ready ‘to get a hang of the trends and technology’ before them.

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